Crisis Protocol - Malekith

Crisis Protocol - Malekith

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Product Description

The ruler of the Dark Elves begins his conquest in this new pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! Entering the game riding his mighty Svartalfheim bog tiger, Malekith uses magic and deception to bring his enemies down and wage war across all the Realms. In addition to his own abilities, the Master of the Wild Hunt also adds new dimensions to the Cabal with a new leadership ability, inviting players to use this affiliation in a whole new way. Finally, two Team Tactic cards give him even more freedom to enact his evil schemes and give his minions even more options in battle.

Product Contents

  • 1 Malekith Miniature
  • 1 Base
  • 1 Character Stat Card
  • 2 Team Tactic Cards
    • The Black Bifrost
    • Midnight Phantasmagoria
  • 7 Tokens

This product is a preorder with a projected release date of August 12, 2022