Black Guard / Executioners

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Utterly loyal, the Black Guard are the personal protectors of the coven’s leader.

The Executioners are one of the most feared of all the Darkling Coven regiments. They are reputed to kill an enemy with every swing of their massive Executioner’s Draichs.

The Black Guard have a choice of 10 helmeted heads, and 10 ebon halberds. The Captain has a choice of two bare heads, leans on his sword with his right arm and points towards the enemy with his left.The Executioners miniatures have a choice of 10 heads, and 10 two-handed executioner’s draichs. A Draich Master can be made using a single-handed axe, spiked collar, and holds a decapitated head in his left hand. The standard bearer holds the banner in his right hand, and carries a knife in his left for the Black Gurad, or holds the banner in his left hand, and carries a single-handed sword in his right for the executioners. Also included is the option to build a drummer.

This plastic kit contains 60 components with which to make either 10 Black Guard or 10 Executioners. Also included is 1 transfer sheet with which to add a variety of banner designs.

This kit comes supplied unpainted and requires assembly