Gaia Red Starter Deck

Gaia Red Starter Deck

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This lineup includes Agumon and is centered on the partner Digimon of [Tai Kamiya].

It includes cards with a number of effects that add security (shields) and can destroy. You can destroy multiple cards of the opponent’s security with a single blow, and it is possible to turn the game around.

- Starter Deck(1 set of 54 cards)
- 2 memory gauges
- 1 Booster Pack(Release Special Booster Ver.1.0)

Starter Deck List:
x4 Agumon
x4 Piyomon
x4 Dracomon
x2 Greymon
x4 Birdramon
x4 Coredramon
x4 Metal Greymon
x4 Garudamon
x2 War Greymon
x2 Hououmon
x4 Koromon

x4 Starlight Explosion
x4 Shadow Wing
x2 Giga Destroyer
x2 Gaia Force

x4 Tai Kamiya