Ultimate Ancient Dragon Starter Deck

Ultimate Ancient Dragon Starter Deck

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This lineup includes Agumon and is centered on the partner Digimon of [Tai Kamiya].

It includes cards with a number of effects that add security (shields) and can destroy. You can destroy multiple cards of the opponent’s security with a single blow, and it is possible to turn the game around.

- Starter Deck (1 set of 54 cards)
- 2 memory gauges
- 3 Index Card

Starter Deck List:
x2 Veemon
x4 Betamon
x4 ExVeemon
x2 Paildramon
x2 Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode
x4 KoKabuterimon
x4 ;Wormmon
x ;Stingmon
x2 ;Snimon
x2 Dinobeemon
x4 JewelBeemon
x4 GranKuwagamon
x4 Minomon

x2 Mega Death
x4 Hell Masquerade
x4 Flower Cannon